Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Big Apple - The Flip Side

I am sure that there are a gazillion things you can do in New York City. Some of these things might include: sightseeing, historical tours or walks, going to a sports event, going to a show.

What did I do in NYC?

Walk. Shop. Eat. Drink. Walk. Eat. Shop. Shop. Eat. Drink. Walk. Drink. Sleep. Repeat.

notice the wine glass the size of my head

My sisters-in-law ( henceforth known as SIL) were pretty determined to hit as many couture / designer shops as possible in five days. I was more than happy to tag along. It was a whole new experience for me - contemplating dresses and shoes that cost almost as much as my monthly mortgage. I was simultaneously bummed and relieved that the dress sizes in those shops only go up to 10. I wore a 10 in seventh grade.

We also hit shops that we have here at home. But in the Big Apple they are gigantic! So many sizes and items to choose from. That's where I did the most damage to my pocketbook. I'll admit that I was caught up in the shopping frenzy. How fun!

The Hilton Rockefeller Center was our home away from home for four nights. Located just south of Central Park it is in the heart of....well...everything! And thanks, thanks, thanks to a family friend, the hotel basically paid us to stay there. I mean our rooms were cheap! In the money sense, not the quality sense. AND we got promoted to the Executive Level. Aside from sounding pretentious, this was a huge plus! There was a killer lounge on the top floor to which only we Executives had access. All day there was coffee, tea and water (much needed!). Continental breakfast in the morning, cookies ant 3:00pm and hot hors d'ouerves from 5-7:00pm! Boy did that save us a lot of money. And we had a blast hanging out together, drinking wine and talk, talk, talking in the lounge.

Speaking of talking.....I've never experienced so much girl-talk in my life! It was fabulous. Girls, you know what I'm talkin' about. Stuff you would NEVER even tell your hubby. Stuff only girls can appreciate. Of course I can't give real details. That would be breaking the girls-only code. But I can share a few general topics: shoes, hair, clothes, body, men, kids, deep dark family secrets.... just kidding! The flavor of conversation was completely feminine, and I enjoyed it.

Now, for my favorite part of the whole trip: THE. FOOD.

OMG. Becky. Every single meal, except one, was the kind of meal where you bit into your food, close your eyes and moan, "mmmmmm!....sish ish sho gooood!" Onion soup, asian fusian, filet mignon, calamari, pumpkin ravioli, best artichoke appetizer salad thing in the world! I can truly say that the food on NYC rivals or beats the best California Cuisine. Food lover that I am, I was on cloud nine. Plus, to me it is the height of indulgence to not just have an entree, but to splurge and go for: cocktail, appetizer, salad, wine, entree, dessert, coffee. Mmmmmmm.......

MOST EXCITING: Seeing the premier of the Chronicles of Narnia, Prince Caspian get out. We saw the wicked witch, and Mr. Tumnus and the hunkey guy who plays the prince. The papparazzi and autograph seekers were all there. I called my kids and bragged.

SCARIEST: Realizing we had walked into a "bad" part of town. We held on to our bags tightly.

MOST SURPRISING: How friendly and helpful the New Yorkers were! If we even looked confused people would stop on the street and help us.

MOST DISAPPOINTING: The Metropolitan Museum of Art. The American wing was closed. Wah! And what they had of american art was jam packed behind glass with bright spotlights reflecting off. The European wing was a big better, but I didn't leave with that romantic sensation I get at the National Gallery of Art in D.C.

MOST FUN: Dancing at midnight in a chic dance club with mom and the SIL. The SIL-wall-of-death kept any would be picker-uppers at bay.

MOST OVERPRICED BUT STILL FUN: Riding in a rickshaw for ten blocks on a balmy evening.

WIERDEST: Realizing I was walking down the street in downtown Manhattan talking with adults about adult topics, and that I didn't have to DO anything or BE anywhere else! Twilight Zone music plays....

SWEETEST: Talking in bed into the wee hours of the night with two of the SIL.

MOST FUN: Belly laughing for about three hours straight in a booth at a steakhouse over one of the most delicious meals I've ever had.

Without getting all mushy, I AM going to say that I feel closer to all of my SIL and mom-in-law than before. No one got sick of anyone else. We all got along perfectly and what's more - we enjoyed each other. I miss them already.

I won't ruin this post by going into my bumpy landing (metaphorically speaking) back home.
Let's just say that within minutes of getting off the plane, I was taking a small child to the bathroom and refereeing arguements between siblings......sigh.


Mike said...

Wow, sounds like a great trip. I'm jealous (not for the shopping, mind you).