Friday, April 18, 2008

Big change!

I did it.

I went for the gusto.

I made a major break with the past. I forged a new path for myself.

I got bangs.

Yep! Last night I saw my super-duper hair lady Carla. Not only did she produce beautifully colored hair for me (which most people think is natural!), she gave me some bangs.

Now, you have to understand what a huge transition this is for me. I had the rack of hair on my forehead for all of my childhood and well into my adult life. In fact, it wasn't until after my third child that I decided I was DONE with them.

Tortuous months of growing out bangs ensued. They flopped in my face. They itched my cheeks, then my chin, then my neck. But finally, they were long, long, long.

I must say I enjoyed having them long for three years. In one way, my hair looked pretty good. And it sure is convenient to put ALL of your hair back in a pony tail or clip. But in another way, it was bad. Too severe on my face. Too harsh.

I'd been considering the change for some time. The wrinkle farm on my forehead was growing. I felt I needed a bit of softness around my face.

I knew the risks (have to wash and style hair more often), and the downside (roots show more, and they take forEVER to grow out). But I decided that it is good to change. Joe likes change. He loves it when I change my hair or clothes. And I like to mix it up a big too these days.

So, voila - they're here:

Welcome friends. Treat me well, and I'll take grand care of you.


Mike said...

Looks good!

friend from the smoking pit said...

It is a whole new world!

Sue said...

Mike: you're too kind.

Smoking: I KNOW!

Staci said...

Beat-i-ful!!! But then you always are!