Friday, February 29, 2008

You can call me shallow.

Go ahead, tell me my head is full of fluff.

I don't care. I have found my new obsession:


Now, anyone who knows me the teensiest bit, knows that I gave up on fashion....well....I'm not sure I ever really even tried. Due to various body issues, money issues and lack of interest issues I have never put much time or energy into being fashionable.

Sure, I try to look decent. I even try to look good. But I concluded many years ago that it was next to impossible to keep up with fashion. Comfort has always been a bigger drive for me when purchasing clothes or shoes.

But now, I have been converted to a fashionista! Or at least an addict to the reality TV show where fashion designers are put into a workroom and challenged to design outfits in 24 hours with, like, a $50 budget.

The challenges are super! Design an outfit based on a model's hairdo. Create a fabulous, avant garde creation based on a work of art. Produce a beautiful, artistic, fashion-forward get-up from 501 jeans.

The designers are a stitch. Most of the men are gay. The women range from driven to flighty. But they are all amazingly talented! Just designing clothes would be my downfall. And these people design in about thirty minutes, and then buy fabric and sew, sew, sew for about ten hours and they're done.

Each design challenge is on a super time crunch, so the designers are completely stressed - and sleep deprived.

But the things they come up with are so fun to see. For the first time in my life I see a value to fashion. These people are truly artists. Yes, most outfits they create are wild and totally impractical for my life. But they are creating something new, based on other styles perhaps, but completely new and completely unique to the artist.

It is a bit of a soap opera. Each challenge sees one of the designers "out" and off the show. But the producers have done a darn decent job of providing drama with out sleeze.

Sadly, I don't have a TV. I've been watching the last 5 episodes at my mother in law's house (she saved them for me!). The season finale is next week, when the top designer wins. And I don't have any way to see it!

Who will it be? The unbelievably talented tiny, gay guy who is 21? Or the astoundingly talented woman with an ego the size of Texas? I can't wait!

What will I do?