Saturday, February 16, 2008

San Diego

Well, we're off tomorrow for the long trek to San Diego. Eight hours in the car with three kids may seem daunting to some, but not for me!

I am the most efficient getter-to-San Diego there is.

I know when to leave: 6:00am

I know on which day to leave: Sunday (Saturdays will do, but never, NEVER on a weekday - LA traffic, you know)

I know how often to stop: Ideally, once - for gas and potty. Twice, three times max and only if one of the girls has to pee.

I know where to stop: Trucker rest stops have it all - potties and lots of lawn for the kids to run around on.

I know what music to play: Anything I like, until Marie starts to cry. Then, it's Raffi. (Actually, hubby stocked me up on new CD's and then there's our exciting history CD's.)

I know what food to bring along: Healthy pop tarts (is there such a thing?), egg salad sandwiches, sliced cheese, carrot sticks, cucmber rounds, crackers, cookies and mmmmm.... Bergamot Green Iced Tea for me.

I know how fast to drive: 80 - 85mph gets us there about an hour faster than when hubby drives.

The only part I haven't mastered yet is how to keep my derrier from aching at about the Grapevine. Also, I just can't go #2 on a public toilet, so I've never figured out how to not get stopped up the first few days of the trip. Maybe lots of fruit and bran muffins?

So, off we go on our grand adventure. Legoland, SD Zoo, cousins, Aerospace Museum, facials for me, no cooking dinner for me....what could be better?

Au revoir!


Mike said...

Sounds great! Have a good trip.

Anonymous said...

sorry I dont get to see you this time.have fun at the apricot place.