Saturday, January 5, 2008



A blessed few hours at home alone. As many moms can understand, being in your home, without the kids is extremely rare. It happens maybe a handful of times each year.

Joe's got the two girls at Jack in Beanstalk children's theatre in SF (lucky him!) Richard is playing at a friend's house.

Any why, you might ask, am I not shepharding my darling girls to the threatre today? Why am I lounging about, alone, at home?


Sick as a dog. Well, at least I was yesterday. I guess too many Raider Games (that's another post when I have more energy) and New Years Eve un-parties left my immune system a little under the weather.

On the same day (Jan 1) I 1.) caught a nasty cold and 2.) pulled or strained my psiatic nerve in my back.

So, in addition to having zero energy, a sore throat, a cough that keeps me up at night, aching muscles and snot galore coming out of my nose, I also have zinging pain in my lower back. At least it was zinging the first day. Now, four days out, my whole body is tweaked. I've got pain shooting down my left leg. The muscles all over my lower back are practically spasming constantly. Even my abs hurt, probably because I'm compensating so my for the back pain.


So, I finally saw my chiro today and feel a teeny bit better. You know it's bad when the chiro says,

"This looks like one of those two or three visit issues."

And I trust my chiro and know she wouldn't tell me to come back if I didn't need it. And frankly, I'm pretty sure I need it.

If I weren't sick I'd be drinking rum and wine and other stuff to help my muscles relax. But I just don't think I should go there with a bad cold.

So, the only thing that helps right now is sitting in boiling water and cranking up the jacuzzi jets right on my butt. For hours. I guess it relaxes the muscles. The water is pouring as I type.

Here I go.....


Anonymous said...

I just called you to see how you are and now I know! I hope you feel better, me

Mike said...

Oh, sorry to hear that you're sick. I wouldn't be that wary of having rum or wine while sick. I think the major problem with alcohol when you're sick is that it's dehydrating. So, as long as you compensate with extra water, I think it's ok.

Go relax those muscles!

Sue said...

stacibo - yes, I heard your message when I got out of the tub.

mike - thanks for the advice - I guess it was the idea of alcohol that wasn't appealling to me in the moment.

BTW - feeling a bit better today.