Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Tiger Attack

This one is freaky.

Did you hear about the tiger getting out of it's enclosure at the SF Zoo and killing one man and injuring two others? Yikes.

I am fascinated by this. I wish there were video. I know it's gruesome, but how interesting it would be!

They don't know how the tiger got out. They say the door was not open. So, she must have jumped out. Chills down my spine.

I've been to the zoo plenty of times and have always loved checking out the tigers. The moat always seemed big enough to me. They say it is a 15 ft. moat and a 20 ft. wall. I wonder.... if the tiger (same one who ate her keepers arm last year) was motivated enough (mad?) could she have taken a running leap and made it? Wow......isn't it creepy? And what was that guy doing in front of her enclosure that would make her want to attack?

So, she's dead now, poor thing. I don't blame the cops for shooting her. They were probably pooping in their pants when she started towards them. Though, the zoo might have had the forethought to have security on site with sedative guns. But do those sedatives work immediately? Perhaps in a real attack you do need to shoot to kill. Man.....

How sad that it happened on Christmas.