Saturday, December 8, 2007


I was perusing some of my favorite political blogs a few days ago and came across a very disturbing article: A democratic senator from Rhode Island got a chance to sit down with some classified documents from the Dept. of Justice. They were position statements describing the president's powers in relation to the DoJ and executive orders.

In a nutshell (according to Mr. Congressman, who was a lawyer before), the presidents is saying:

1. “I don’t have to follow my own rules, and I don’t have to tell you when I’m breaking them.”

2. “I get to determine what my own powers are.”

3. “The Department of Justice doesn’t tell me what the law is, I tell the Department of Justice what the law is.

This, my friends, is what is historically known as a DICTATORSHIP.

Just in case you doubt, here are a few dictionary definitions of dictator:

- a ruler who is unconstrained by law

- a ruler who has absolute, unrestricted control in a government without hereditary succession.

Now our beloved Prez does not have absolute control yet. But anyone who has studied history can read the writing on the wall and see where we are headed (if we don't do something soon!) The cycle goes something like this: Republic, Dictatorship, Empire, collapse, anarchy, conquest by outside force or disintegration of the state.

Sound like fun?

Why couldn't I have been born in 1760? It is depressing living in an age of decline. Is there anything beautiful or redeeming in a decadent culture that is abdicating its power to creeps?

I better stop before I get too depressed.

Go Ron Paul.


Mike said...

I would nominate Giuliani as the guy most likely to push us further along in that cycle. I can't believe he's polling as well as he is.

Sue said...

Yes - he is very scary. Though he will probably be the Rep. nominee. Yuck. But Hillary is only different in flavor, not in substance IMHO.