Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Note to Self:

Note to self:

- do NOT allow son to do two sleepovers in a row

- do NOT allow son to go to slumber party on a Sunday night

- make kids plan their own parties next year (NO sleepovers!)

- make kids have parties on their actual birthdate - so their birthdate is special!

- plan field trip on day after birthday party (no hard school work)

That should do it.


Mike said...

You know, I almost asked about the sleepover on a Sunday night thing.

Sue said...

Only a homeschooler would plan a party on a Sunday night. I was not happy about it, but didn't think I could say no. Now I KNOW I have to say no to protect his and my mental health for the next few days. Jeesh.

friend from the smoking section said...

Thanks for the cliff notes for my foreseeable future.

Sue said...

smoking section: any time....