Wednesday, October 31, 2007


There is some homeschooling inverse axiom that haunts me: whenever I say "I love homeschooling", I have a horrendous, hair pulling, hand wringing, desiring to throttle throats kindof day. Sigh. That was yesterday.

The more I am excited about something, say a science experiment that I have researched and spent hours buying supplies, the more likely I am met with, "I don't want to do that. That's boring." - Arg!

If I think a field trip will be so exciting and a great learning experience, I usually hear lots of "When's lunch?" Sigh.

It is inevitable.

I am afraid to write about all the touching, exciting, loving, adventurous moments we have for fear of invoking the axiom!

Snapshot: Me - typing on computer. Richard - humming to the music on his headphones as he takes a Spanish test on the other computer. Rose - humming to herself as she beads a necklace. Marie, sucking on a balloon, wait, what? "NOT IN YOUR MOUTH!" Now she is talking to herself about who knows what as she paints with water on her chalkboard.

And now for something completely different:

Baby skin.

Mmmmmm. Is it the soft, tender, smooshiness? Is it the smell? Is it the smoothness? Is it that she is still small enough to fit in my lap?

I can't resist baby skin! I kiss Marie all day long. Any time I come near her I have to smoosh and kiss and hold her. Oooh. I just love her (and her skin).

Now is the time for me to really wring every drop out of babiness - because I ain't havin' another. And she is rapidly growing out of baby/toddlerhood into little kidhood. You know, when they talk all the time, expect you to listen and care about all their ideas, are sticky and dirty most of the time and get real interested in their friends.

Every age has it's own interesting parts (let me tell you, preteen is VERY interesting, to put it politely), but babyhood is the most precious. Yummmm.....