Saturday, September 29, 2007


What is the deal with people who can eat "regular" amounts of food? Why is it that some people eat 1/2 a chicken breast, a few bites of cauliflower and salad, then stop eating? Is it genetic? Is it conditioning? Both?

Sadly, I am on the opposite (and wrong!) end of the eating spectrum. It's all or nothing for me baby! I eat a whole chicken breast, have three helpings of cauliflower, salad and a piece of bread. And even when I am full, I could still eat dessert! I often do!

Arg. It is such a pain. I can fast. I can go days with out eating. And if I didn't have to cook for the fam it wouldn't be that hard.

But put a plate of food in front of me and forget it! It's gone and then some.

This makes body management more and more difficult as I near the big 4 - 0. I weigh less than I used to, but my old pants don't fit! I think all my fat migrated to my middle. Or maybe my weak core is now an old AND weak core, so it sags more.

And don't even get me started on my arms (Please remind me to NEVER wear a sleeveless top for family pictures). Oy. My friend calls it "the arm that ate New York". When you look at the picture, your eyes are magnetically drawn to my white, white, chubby arm. It blots out everything else.

I'm so tired of dealing with food and body stuff. My mom put me on my first diet at 13, so I'm going on almost 30 years of this BS. I guess it's just the cross I bear. My only hope is to keep doing triathlons. I figure if I can still do them, I am not too far gone. And maybe the other triathlete's coolness/healthiness/ability to eat lessness will rub off on me!

Here's to hoping!


Mike said...

Hey, that's a pretty good looking family, all arms included.

Sue said...

You're too kind. But I bet you've never had to deal with "the arm that ate NY".

your friend from the smoking section said...

to me the picture was not set up properly to begin with,but be happy that no one is picking there nose or something .Know also I have in my posshion much much worst pics than that one .
as for food and eating I still have not mastered that one and Iam all most 40.

Sue said...

You are right - the photographer was lame. And I guess some of us just never DO master the whole eating thing. Sigh....