Saturday, July 28, 2007

Web Junkie

Oh no.

The destiny I have tried to avoid for years is creeping up on me. I am becoming addicted to the web. I can't help it! There is so much fun, crazy, interesting, insightful, disgusting, mind opening, silly, challenging stuff out there. Plus I can add my own strangeness to the mix. What could be more fun?

It is a bit sad. I wake up in the morning, get my Peet's coffee and nestle down in my cozy ergonomic chair and check, well, everything online. You know what is strange? The thing that got me going was my interest in Ron Paul (that guy running for Prez). I didn't know about all those other sites before I saw them on his homepage. Digg. Technorati. MeetUp. And then, when I research news about him, I find all these other cool news sites. It is endless!

So, today I registered with BlogHer. It's a site for women bloggers. I think they have to approve of this site before they list my blog there, so we'll see.

I suppose I am allowing myself the latitude to check online twice (OK, sometimes three times) a day because it is summer. During the school year I limit myself to 15 min. in the morning and half an hour to an hour at night (after baby is in bed). But summer time means no school, no getting my kids to do stuff all day long (we homeschool). I'm freeeeeee.

But I am keenly aware that my three kids see me enthralled by the computer screen for, well more than they should. I should probably cut back soon. Oh, the empathy I feel for addicts! I'm giving myself until September, then it's back to just checking and answering emails and reading the headlines. Sniff.

Until then....



Joie said...

Hi Sue!

Bumped with your blog through BlogHer. Hope you could also join a community of women here:

You can share your thoughts, and most especially, make friends to all women around the world.

See you there. :)