Sunday, July 22, 2007


Why yes, it was fun.

After a solid hour drive I arrived at Lake somethingorother in Pleasanton. There were lots of healthy looking folks with bikes milling around. I was nervous. And alone. I didn't have to heart to make my kids and hubby get up at 5am with me, so I was on my own. No crew!

I registered. I hit the potty - whew! I got all my gear set around my bike. Now, I wondered, what is the swim course? Following the herd of thin people in shorts and bathing suits I made my way to the start. My wave was the 4th one: Woman under 40 (not too much longer!)

For the swim I employed my strategy of starting way on the side, not getting in the middle of the huge group (elbows and feet in the face are no fun). The only problem was that the lake was DIS-GUS-TING! My feet sank into the slippery, slimy bottom up to my ankles. Eeeeewwww! What is that? Anyways, the swim was great. My crew wasn't there to tell me where I came out, but I'm pretty sure I was relatively towards the front of the pack.

Next, the bike. What fun! What exhilaration! "On your left" flowed from my lips as I whizzed (me! whiz!) by at least 10 other cyclists. Granted the course was mostly flat and was only 13 miles, but it was EASY. I wasn't huffing and puffing the whole time. I enjoyed the scenery. The bookoodolores spent on the bike was well spent.

Then, the run. Ugh. Hills. Too many hills. Up and down. Up and down. I was tired. Actually my legs were fine, but my lungs were letting me know exactly how fast (read, not very) I could go. So, the people I passed on the bike along with many others probably passed me on the run. But by that time I really didn't care. Because I knew I was al-most-done!

Running across the finish line is always a rush. But it was kind of sad to run across, grab a gatorade and think, "Well, I guess I'll go home now." No one to cheer or congratulate me. Oh well, that's OK. There's always the Sandman in a few weeks. Santa Cruz here I come!


friends form the smoking section said...

Hey that was the one and only tri I did !Boy was that "lake" disgusting

Mike said...

I didn't know you did triathlons. I'm impressed. Congrats on a successful race.

Sue said...

They are just sprint triathlons - the easiest possible. They only take about an hour and a half. But thanks anyways.