Friday, April 6, 2007

Goodbye GranNina

Goodbye GranNina

Goodbye fancy lady who always had her hair done, her jewelry on and her nails painted.

Goodbye funny lady who had a boyfriend in her nineties.

Goodbye old fashioned lady who made jam for us each year. I always loved pushing in the wax seal.

Goodbye my namesake, who only had one name. You used to say, "I guess they ran out of middle names by the time they got to me."

Goodbye silly lady who could never explain what "trump" means in bridge. I always laugh when I hear you say, "Trump is TRUMP!" as if that would somehow make it all clear to me.

Goodbye southern lady. You always called me "NinaSue" with that adorable southern drawl.

Goodbye lovely lady. GranDaddy was so in love with you. I was shocked when I read his letters to you.

Goodbye quick lady. For most of my life you walked faster than I did.

Goodbye rich lady who always wanted to wear St. John's outfits - you looked fabulous when you did!

Goodbye crafty lady. We all love your hand sewn quilts and crocheted afghans. They keep my baby warm at night.

Goodbye smart lady who played bridge until she was 97.

Goodbye traditional lady. I loved Christmas at your house as a kid. I could spend hours looking at the dolls from all over the world on your Christmas tree. And I loved playing charades even when my brothers didn't.

Goodbye old lady who was born almost a century ago. My kids love hearing about you going around with your father the doctor in the horse drawn buggy. Your family had the first car in your town. Your mother's name was Ara. I always thought that was a beautiful name.

Goodbye proud lady. You asked for lipstick and nice clothes on your way to the hospital the day before you died.

Goodbye matriarch. You so loved seeing and hearing about your grandchildren and great grandchildren.

Goodbye mother of my mother. You may not have always been a perfect mother. But I know you loved your daughters and that love flows on through my family.

Goodbye GranNina. You were the matriarch of our family. You were a one-of-a-kind southern belle. I will always remember you with love.

Love your granddaughter,



Mike said...

Nice post, Sue.

Sue said...


Anonymous said...

It was an honer to know her to hear storys about her .I wont forget Grannina.