Friday, September 11, 2009

One More Friday Night

I'm sitting at First Place Fencing on a Friday night. Let the excitement begin.

I used to dread sitting at fencing practice. I couldn't think of anything more boring. But now I have a new perspective. There are several advantages to being at fencing (instead of at home):

- I don't have to do the dishes (tonight - might have to do some in the morning)
- I don't have to put MiniMe to bed
- I get to sit on my behind, not exert any effort or think for several hours
- I get to watch my man/boy exerting himself and having fun
- I get to insight into the mysterious world of teens (it was mysterious to me even when I was a teen)
- I talk with other fencing parents and get up to date on all the current fencing gossip

Surprisingly, over the past few months I have gained a new appreciation for fencing. A few weeks ago I finally learned what some of the hand signals mean (that the director does). That opened up a whole new world of understanding for me. Before, they seemed like random gestures.

Also, watching bouts with really good fencers and adult fencers is darn exciting! The more I understand about the rules (it's all about right of way, baby) the more interesting it is to watch.

Plus, with more fencing knowledge, I see all the ways ARG could be better!. I'm SURE he appreciates my input and suggestions about fencing on the ride home. What 13 year old wouldn't want his mom's feedback about the sport he's been doing for 5 years? I bet he's very grateful.

I am happy there are padded seats here. Tomorrow I will be on bleachers at a tournament. Can you say sore tush?

ARG is fencing in senior tournaments now. It's a whole new world (of whoop a#@%).