Saturday, March 21, 2009

Parenting is Wierd

My son's social life lately has been more active than mine.

"You'd better step it up!" he commented when I lamented that fact in his presence.

(paragraph detailing just how well a super-active social life for me would go over omitted for the usual reasons).

Something else that's really getting me. Three nights a week ARG goes to fencing. He carpools with another family, one that we like and trust. BUT.... he doesn't get home until 11:00 or 11:30pm! Hubby and I are both asleep by then. It is so weird. Don't you think it's weird? Should we stay up? Can't ask Hubby to do it - he's got to get up at 5:30am. I couldn't stay up that late if I tried (I'm not joking). I fall asleep easily by 9:30 or 10:00 every night. The other alternative is for one of us to take him, and insist on getting home earlier. Which we may start doing. Ugh.

But still. I don't like it. Fencing is like this strange, fringe sport. Classes are too darn late! Or maybe ARG is too darn good, and he has to fence with adults (who have jobs and therefore have to fence at night). Crazy.

Awkward Segue:

MiniMe had a visit from her cousin Pearl this week. Playing, eating, sleepover, eating, playing more. They love each other so much, and only bicker (MiniMe yells louder) occasionally. They love each other so much, they decided to do what girlfriends do for each other: give hair advice.

I believe it went something like this:

Pearl: we should cut our hair
MiniMe: Yeah! I'll get the scissors from Rosie's room.

It's a fair bet that they knew they shouldn't be snipping away at their golden locks, as they only cut in the back, or side, lower layers. Then they "cleaned it up", so we wouldn't find the hair. I only discovered the hair escapade when I put up MiniMe's hair into pony tails, only to find great swaths of it didn't go in the pony tail any more, but sort of sticks out around and behind her ear.

It's not a complete disaster. I think it's salvageable. We are off to the salon tomorrow for her first "real" haircut. We'll see what the stylist recommends. I'm hoping for the Shirley Temple look. MiniMe could totally pull that off. She has awesome loopy blond curls.

I didn't get mad. Know why? Yours truly cut her own locks at the exact same age. Except I grabbed a fistful hair right in front of my face and cut close to the scalp. Yikes. I still remember getting teased by the first graders at the bus stop. Sniff. (heeeeeey! maybe that's why I'm always freaked out about bangs and what to do with them!)