Sunday, November 9, 2008

This is one of THOSE posts...

We all know I didn't vote for Obama.

But how cool is it that our country could elect a black man? It shows how we as Americans can change, grow and overcome. Yes, there is still racism in the U.S. But dang! We have a black president! That is a pretty darn strong statement about the overall resilience of our country. From slavery, to inequality and injustice, to racism to a black president all within 150 years! Pretty impressive to my mind.

My in-laws were here the past few days and they were big Obama fans. It was curious to observe how much they were into him. Every article. Every newscast. What kind of dog? What kind of dress? He offended Nancy Reagan already? I've never paid as much attention to our president elect as I have (vicariously) in the last few days. Pretty funny.

Sadly, just about everything else I'd like to write about is off limits. Too many people (especially family members!) read this blog. Hmph.

A few choice moments in my life recently:

- Looking down at my son and checking myself. I have to look eye to eye now.

- Realizing I can't listen to NPR too much anymore with MiniMe in the car, when she started asking if husbands were girls or boys.

- Hanging out at fencing where an old Scorpions cd blasted "Rock you like a hurricane". It is strange when kids like music that was mediocre way back when.

- Deciding to let Rosie walk home from ballet and worrying until she gets home each time.

- Helping my mom do her "torture" exercises after her knee replacement surgery. Her knee looks like Frankenstein (shudder). But she is doing very well.

- Looking at baby pictures of my three kiddos and seeing how YOUNG I looked 12 years ago!

- Trying to figure out how to actually take the sabbath as a day of rest. Church is great - but when I volunteer I have to stay half the day! Then there's laundry, meals and school planning for the week. Plus my blog is feeling much ignored lately!

Here's hoping your Sunday was restful.


Mike said...

I don't know, 150 years seems like a pretty long time for pretty much anything.

Sue said...

Historically, 150 is a blip. Consider the ancient Egyptian empire which stayed pretty much the same culturally for 3000 years.

Mike said...

Sure, and the sun is billions of years old, but 150 years to barely overcome enough racism to elect a black president? Dunno, doesn't seem that speedy.

Sue said...

I hear ya - but while it might be a short amount of time to overcome slavery and racism in YOUR mind, the historical facts show that cultural changes of this magnitude rarely happen this quickly.