Friday, November 14, 2008

Facebook Finally

After enduring whole days of peer pressure from ARG, Hubby and various friends and family members, I caved and joined Facebook.

Does this make me officially cool?

Ah, yes. Yet another way to waste time on the computer.

And I know what ogblay means when he talks about all the people who want to be your "friend". What exactly is the value of learning about what an acquaintance from high school is doing this morning? But is it worse to offend by rejecting their requests to be "friends"? Hmm....

Another way to waste time benefit of facebook is that you can invite people to play scrabble. Anyone want to play? Well, if you can figure out how to find me on facebook, we can!

I'm doing my best to not get re-addicted to Tetris - another app available on fb.

Well, I'm late to the party. I never dreamed I'd be someone who would pay any attention to this kind of stuff. But here I am.