Monday, September 22, 2008

This is Definitely Not Summer

The theme song playing along behind my life right now is probably the theme from "Rawhide".

You know, "rollin, rollin, rollin, keep them doggies rollin'" ....etc.

Even though we homeschool, our schedule places us among most American parents whose daily menu includes constantly running to and fro for their children. Take a swim meet, add a little fencing practice, then throw in a dash of church and you've got yourself one busy day.

Today's menu featured school work, meeting with our charter school "education specialist", swim lessons for MiniMe, phone call to AT&T to change phone plan, swim practice for Rosie, fencing lessons, then fencing class for ARG, trip to Trader Joe's, making dinner, paying bills, going over our financial plan (yikes!) and school planning for October. WHEW!

I had to squeeze in my trips to the loo. Eating was a rush job between my meeting and chauffeuring duties. Talking to friends? Reading MY book? Having a thought for myself?

Not so much.

But I had to spend a few minutes posting at the end of the day - mostly because I'm embarrassed that my last post was almost a week ago! Where did the days of writing every day go? (oh yeah, summer).