Monday, August 4, 2008

Mama Mia!

I went with a friend tonight to see the smash summer hit Mama Mia!

Well, I have to say that I laughed out loud more than five times. I may even have snorted. It was very silly and campy and how can you not love Meryll Streep?

But like all musicals, it is pretty dorky when they're having a conversation and then bust out into song. Sometimes you are laughing AT them, not with them, ya know?

I give it a B+. Setting: beautiful. Acting: great. Singing: good. Dance scenes...OK. Believability? Well, I don't think they're going for that.

I wasn't bored. That's something.

And it did make me want to appreciate every minute I have with my girls before they grow up and leave. It is hard to have that perspective when you don't have enough time for yourself. But I know they day will come when I'll wonder why I didn't spend more time with them.

Want a feel good movie? Go for it. Like Meryll Streep and good looking men? Same. Can't stand musicals - stay away, far away.


Meg S. said...

Did you see the play? We've seen it twice. I'm hoping to have my folks watch the shorties so we can go see it. I haven't seem a movie in a theater since..... uh ..... Spiderman? My husband introduced me to the modern musical -- he loves them so I guess I'm lucky!