Friday, August 8, 2008

2 Good Newses

Two things in the news today that tickled me. Things that actually pertain to me (or someone related to me).

NPR did a whole segment on an 18 year old fencer from SF who is going to the Olympics. Fencing - on the radio - cool!

Some appeals court (I think) overturned that lame ruling that said homeschooling was illegal. The ruling confirmed that homeschooling is indeed legal, and any laws made to restrict it would be unconstitutional under the CA constitution. Yay constitution!

Then there was the thing about John Edwards. Sighing and shaking my head. It figures.

Leaving tomorrow for a week in San Diego with the inlaws. The best parts?

- beach (water temp 71)
- olympics (they have a TV!)
- Project Runway! (she recorded two episodes for me)