Monday, July 14, 2008

Do You Ever Get the Blues?

Figuring out life can be a challenging, mysterious process sometimes.

For about a week or so I have been feeling so blue. So bleah. So.....depressed. Not "My life stinks and I'm going to kill myself" depressed. It's not that heavy or dark. More mediocre.

I'm just not excited about things. I'm not motivated. I'm ambivalent and wishy washy. All choices seem like yucky choices. My body is sluggish. My energy is down. All I really want to do is shut myself up in my room and watch a movie or read (Dickens is my hero!). I feel empty and bored.

Sounds nice, doesn't it? It's been ebbing and flowing for the last few days. I'm pretty sure I'm on a general upswing. Oddly, the weekends are hardest.

Of course I've been pondering the possible causes for my malaise. Here's what I've come up with so far as possible culprits:

hormones (thyroid?)
• too much sugar and/or wheat
• not enough exercise
• my kids all being sick and me stuck at home taking care of them
• summertime = no school
This may sound crazy, but as much as I stress out during school time, I get a real sense of accomplishment for teaching my kids. This feeling is absent during summer. This is why I will need to get a (paying) job when they grow up.
• summertime = no ballet, no fencing
It's astounding to me that chauffering my kids to and fro is somehow fulfilling! And that I wierdly miss what I have so long been wanting to stop.
• hubby's job transition
He's getting pressure to stay at old job, and doesn't know yet about the new job.

That's a pretty credible list of downers right?

Some things I have control over (no chocolate chip cookie dough tonight, Sue!), but I'm at the mercy of others (please stop ____________ insert: coughing, sneezing, vomiting, having a fever, or needing to stay home all the time!).

I'm going out for a hike up Montara Mtn. with my amiga tonight (God and husbands willing). That helps a bit. Walkie Talkie, she calls it.

How do you perk yourself up out of the blues? Please, something that lasts more than one day/night.


Anonymous said...

lemme know and we'll put together a little twelve-bar, some rhythm, some rhyme, and sing the blues!

y'all got to trust me on this one.

- safety sk8

ciara said...

because i've suffered w the thyroid stuff so long, i know that i can get pretty down from it. i feel just like you....everything bores me. i can't get into anything, even things that i love. not only do i feel down, but restless, too, in a way. it really drives me nuts. i meant to answer your question you left me in a comment, but i got sidetracked w a trip to vegas and just the 'mood' mentioned above. sometimes even blogging holds no interest.

my thyroid levels are measured: uIU/mL (international unit/milliliter)

Uncommon Blonde said...

One think I do is get out and work on my photography, but if you're not photography that won't work. A couple of suggestions - take on a project in the house that will distract you from the boredom, or start using small incentives to get yourself through the day (load the dishwasher and reward yourself with 30 min. in bed with a book). I'll pray that you find you in unexpected places today!

Mike said...

I can't think of anything better than "Walkie Talkie". Exercise generally helps me. It focuses me on something else and thus helps me reset my mood.

Music helps too. Maybe it's time to rock out.

Beth said...

When I get that way I try to find a space (not always easy) and the time (funny how when you are bored it can still be tough to find time) to sit and just be with it for a while. Amazing things surface if I just give it the time and space. Sometimes it's a sadness or a longing I never knew existed. Sometimes its just plain-old let-down from the adrenalime of rushing around or accomplishing a big goal (and the school year is a rush adn a huge accomplishment)
When my kids are bored, it's usually because they want to do something they can't and nothing else satisfies.
Anpther cause for me is sometimes not knowing what direction i want to head, and a need to reset my goals and priorities.

Just a few thoughts.

Good luck.


Sue said...

Thanks everyone for your ideas and thoughts. I am feeling pretty good this morning and determined to get my kids out in nature today (more for me than for them).

safety sk8: o.....k.... I'll try

ciara: it drives me nuts too. especially when I think of all the great things in my life!

uncommon blonde: thanks. maybe breaking the day down would help. and doing photograhy sounds fun - though I'm not very good. at least it might get me outside and my mind off myself.

Mike: walkie talkie was just the thing. nature + exercise + a friend is such a great combo.

Beth: yes. sitting with it is a great idea (even though it is quite uncomfortable). If I feel that down again I am going to do it.

Another friend who didn't want to comment here suggested thanking God for the things I'm grateful for - which I think is also a great idea.