Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Steppin' Out

Blogging is fun. But it is more fun when people actually read my posts.

So, on the advice of a blogging goddess, and thanks to extra hours of summer (no school!) free time, I am steppin' out more into the blogosphere.

I am jumping into the NaBloPoMo pool of bloggers. That's right, starting today I will endeavor to post every day for a month. The theme for June is Home, which should be convenient for me. There are so many things that go on at Home. Hopefully, some will be interesting.

So far I have joined the following groups: Hip Homeschoolers, Natural Family Living, Scrabble Afficionados & Stay at Home Moms. I almost joined the Republican blogger group, but I really am a Libertarian and would probably fight with them.

And though I scoffed, sneered and laughed at the idea before, today I joined Twitter. It's that silly avant garde social networking site where you post an answer to the question: What are you doing? in 140 characters of less. I have in on good authority that this can be an effective way to get your blog "out there". If you'd like to know when I'm making a dentist appointment, or fixing lunch, please join me on Twitter. Be my follower. I'll be yours (as long as you are not some anonymous freaky person). My username is NinaSue.

Though I am moderately web savvy, I haven't figured out yet how to add people to my Twitter account. Let me know if you figure it out. :)

So, look forward to a plethora of dazzling, enlightening, hilarious posts EVERY DAY!
(no pressure, sue)


Mike said...

You've become a web force of nature!

I'll also have to try and dig up that piece of email that I received from Twitter asking me to follow "NinaSue" that I assumed was random spam. Apparently it was not!

Sue said...

That's what my hubby said when he got the email. "Is this YOU? Next you'll want an iPhone!"