Saturday, June 21, 2008

Plan B

Today I exhibited extreme grace under pressure.

If you have ever planned and held a birthday party for your child, you know that quite a bit goes into it. Invitations (and all the politics included in that), supplies, presents, food, cake (or cupcakes!), games, activities, outfits, scheduling and location.

My plans for Mini-Me's 4th Birthday party were coming along swimmingly.


My very dear friend (and park scout) asked me in a trepidacious voice,

"Uh, Sue. Have you sent anyone to the park to reserve your spot yet?"

ME: No.

HER: Well, I just drove by the park where you're planning to have the party and it is completely taken over. There is not one table free in the whole place. There's even a tent.

ME: ............ (sinking feeling in stomach)....uh....oh no......

HER: I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad you just want to move the party to your house?

ME: .....uh.....a tent?....uh....I'll call you back.....

OK. I panicked (on the inside) for about ten seconds. Then I realized that I could just move the party. Plan B: New park.

I quickly called Hubby, who was out picking up ARG from fencing, and assigned him the task of scouting the other park. If an empty table was to be found, he was to claim it (which he did).

A few more calls to other guests and Plan B was smoothly rolling into action.

We had to drive a little farther, but the Plan B park was probably even better than the one I had chosen. The party was great fun! Mini-Me had a blast. Her cousins and friends seemed to enjoy themselves. And it was still sunny (though breezy) on the coast!

So, crisis averted. The Evil Park Taker Overses didn't ruin our party. Whew!

And if I could show you pics of my darlings at the party, you would certainly feel warm and fuzzy inside and say lots of "awwwww"s.

Instead, I'll show you a pic of my mother and me:

Doesn't she look amazing (my mom, that is)?

So, another birthday party success. My little girl is so happy - and that is what it's all about. Does it sound like I'm bragging if I say I feel a deep sense of satisfaction? I hope not.

Now if I can just avoid eating all the left over cupcakes!


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