Thursday, April 3, 2008

This Week's Likes & Dislikes

- when my 3 year old daughter comes into my room at 4am saying she's "tired" of sleeping in her room.
- when my 8 year old daughter vomits at 4:30am off the side of her bed onto the carpet.
- when my husband's (God bless his soul for working so hard!) alarm goes off at 5:30am, and then he forgets things and has to come back into the room about five more times.
- when my roots grow in (Hello Carla)
- property taxes (Goodbye money)
- when I spend an hour taking my stove top apart to clean and scrub off the grime that accumulates, then my son fries something that afternoon, spattering oil everywhere, and DOESN'T clean it off!
- not drinking coffee every morning (Hello roasted dandelion tea)
- studying basic electronics with my daughter for two weeks and being unable to comprehend (to my satisfaction) the meaning of: integrated circuit (I guess it's just a bunch of components all working together on a chip?) and transistor (something that does something?).
- back pain (Hello Physical Therapist - Goodbye Money)
- ending a good book (goodbye Three Cups of Tea)
- correcting chemistry homework
- when my son asks, "When are you going to let me......(restricted activity of choice).....?"
- not having enough time to blog properly

- when my Mom comes and watches the kids for me so I can go out, OUT, OUT! (Hello exercise, friends & errands)
- watching my daughters swim.
- discussing time travel and the space time continuum with my son (Hello Star Trek!)
- a good cup of Peet's coffee in the morning (6 days to go!)
- sunny days on the coast
- when my youngest crawls into my lap, grabs my arms and puts them around her, and lays her head on my chest and sucks her thumb.
- reading a great book (Hello, This Side of Paradise)
- going #2 regularly
- eating whatever I want (Hello tight jeans)
- losing weight (Hello comfy jeans)
- walking on Montara Mountain and the bluffs in Moss Beach with a friend.
- watching Star Trek movies with my kiddos and hubby (consensus: Data and Worf - funniest characters)
- when my daughter shrieks, "Mommy!!!" as I pick her up from preschool and sprints into my arms.
- when Joe sings (Hello good mood!)
- cheap daffodils from Trader Joe's
- writing this blog.


Anonymous said...

roast dandelion
cold morning warm earthy brew
wasabi miss you


Mike said...

Not that you asked me, but I think of a transistor as an electrical switch. It's a tiny device made of silicon that you feed electrical current into and then it can either spew current out the other side or not.

This is important to electronics because everything these days is digital. It's all based on ones and zeroes. The transistor is the device that takes in something analog (electrical current) and then converts it into something digital (zero current or some current).

You get enough of these switches on a circuit and you can build logic out of it.

Sue said...

Anonymous: nice haiku!

Mike: if you have enough switches on a circuit does that make it an Integrated Circuit? or does it need to have other types of components on it?