Friday, April 11, 2008

Sunny Day on the Coast

It was a sunny and beeeaUUUtiful day on the coast today.

I hauled my kiddos out for a forced march up into the hills by the beach. The sky was robin's egg blue, with a streak of white from a jet. The balmy breeze ruffled our hair and felt luscious. We hiked up the trail, warmed by the sun and by our exertions.

My three kids exhibited age appropriate responses to their surroundings:
Richard, 11: "Let's go! Why are you so slow? I'm done. Can we go now?"
Rose, 8: skip, skip, run, run, twirl...."I'm tired now. I'm tired. I'm tired."
Marie, 3: "Mama LOOK! A bug!!!!! MAMA!!!! A flower!!!! Mama hold my hand. Mama waaaiiit!"

Sorry this one is sideways (any ideas ogblay?)
Notice Marie enraptured with a pill bug or some such creature down low:

Look out for the poison oak!!
Montara Beach and part of Montara
looking north
Marie's dress after she made "dirt angels" (like snow angels, but in the dirt - nice)
Me - happy!
Before big kids started fighting, requiring way too much parenting when I just felt like breathing and appreciating the beauty we live in....oh well, that's parenthood.

It was still a great hike.


Mike said...

Hey Sue, nice pics. Blogger won't rotate your pics for you, but almost any pic-processing piece of software will. I think even the built-in viewer in Windows might have little rotate buttons on it. Ditto for iPhoto on the Mac. Try whatever viewer/editor you have and poke around.