Monday, April 21, 2008


What is going on with my mind?

I am going crazy here folks. The volume and seriousness of mistakes I've made recently are of real concern!

Check this out:
Richard and Joe are heading off this weekend to super-important fencing tournament in Portland, OR. Of course, I made all the arrangements (isn't that how it works in your family?) Anyways, I THOUGHT I booked a flight up to Portland at 10:30am the day before his first event. But no. No. No. No. I booked the flight at 10:30pm.

Perfect! Great! Wonderful! They arrive in around 12:30 (middle of night), and have to find their way to the hotel which will probably take another hour. Sleep will not be happening for the guys before, say, 2:00am.

What time is registration for his first and hardest event? 7:00 bleeping am! So, not only will they be sleep deprived, bleary, and confused, they'll have to check-in and get all his equipment to the armory to be checked, and geared up and prepared to fence in one hour, by 8:00am. (not to mention breakfast in there somewhere)

Super! I've created the perfect conditions for Richard to feel ready to be lightning fast, strategically smart and have enduring energy. Don't you think?

I also arranged my own trip to NYC in a few weeks. I'm afraid to discover what mistakes I've made on that one!


Mike said...

For what it's worth, my running coach always reminds us that the sleep we get the night before a marathon isn't that much of a factor. Nerves and anxiety almost always result in a crappy night of sleep that night. He insists that it's the night before that that really affects your performance.

Andrew said...

Hmmm...interesting. Thanks. We be going to be EARLY on Friday.