Saturday, March 22, 2008


My three and a half year old daughter, Marie, is entering into the transformative phase from toddler to little girl. It is magical, funny and heartwarming to witness. But it is also a bit sad. No, really sad. My baby is disappearring. No matter how wonderfully cute and funny the little girl she is becoming is, my baby is still going away.

I remember the first night she slept in a big girl bed. I was so happy to get her beautiful pink bed. And she went into it perfectly - no residual missing of the crib - no getting out in the middle of the night. But that first night after I put her to sleep in her new bed, I shut the door behind me and unexpectedly burst into tears. My baby was growing up!

I think it is especially poignant for me as she is my third, and last, little one. I'm never going to go through the magical gauntlet that is babyhood of one of my babies again - ever. I know I'm wierd, but I'm already starting to think about grandchildren. I know! I know! My oldest kid is 11. So I'm reaching a bit. But it consoles me to think that someday in the next twenty or so years I'll get to hold and smell another snuggly bundle of smooshy cuteness.

In honor of Marie transitioning into her little girl self, I am sharing some of her collected toddler "gems". You know, those so-cute-you-practically-fall-off-your-chair things that toddlers say?

Here are a few of her best:

When something fell on the floor...
"It can't break because it's not glassable."

One time at dinner, Joe had just nailed Richard for disrepectfully interrupting and then rolling his eyes when corrected. Into the tense silence at the table, Marie blurts,
"Mama, everyone has a bottom!"

Her description of boogers:
"Hard nose roller things"

Trying to avoid getting in trouble for name calling:
"Rose, you're STU–"

Her interesting sense of the aging process:
"When you're little again, and I'm big......"

Hugging me tightly:
"Mama, I want to be with you ALL OF DA TIME"

Waving goodbye:
"See you later crocodile!"



Anonymous said...

I saw a realty show of a woman that has a set of twins and a set of six kids and the six are turning 4 and she was talking about the same feelings so it is a truth that every mother feels no mater what.

Sue said...

Yeah - it's very bittersweet. Now I'm trying to remember every cute thing she says.....