Tuesday, March 25, 2008


There is a word that has been rattling around my head for the last few days: TRUTHINESS.

I have only encountered this word in the blogosphere. Sounds a lot like truthFULness, and that's how I am taking it. But it sounds so much cuter. And full of pizazz. And joie de vivre. I hope I can find an opportunity to employ that yummy word soon.

Another term I enjoy, which I've only found on blogs is: FACEHOLE. As in mouth. I'm not sure if I love this term as much as the other, but it has a certain edginess and hipness about it that I like.

Facehole stuffing. Facehole cramming. Seems like a lot of people relish doing this.

See...I'm pretty out of touch with the world. I am not HIP to the new JIVE. Ya know? The first time Joe said something about giving someone his "props" I corrected him in his incorrect usage of the word. He had to fill me in on this new lingo - and what it meant. Duh....

I don't watch TV. I am not out in the work world. I read a few things online, but can't stand too much news. I suppose NPR and Joe are my biggest links to the outside world. I'll never forget the incredulity on an acquantance's face when I didn't know who Clay Aiken was.

"You don't know who Clay Aiken is?" with big intake of breath.....

So, learning a new word or two is a nice connection for me with the world "out there". You know, the world that isn't all about snacks, and laundry, and dividing fractions, and unvoiced consonants, and playdates, and ballet, and fencing, and cooking...well, you get the picture.

I have been skipping around quite a few blogs lately. Peering into other folks' lives can be darn interesting, if the writing is good. But it is bumming me out - because so many people are so much funnier and write so much better than I do! And man! People put all kinds of personal pictures in their blogs.

I can't. Nope. Made an agreement with Safety Man: no real names (except mine) and no pics in the blog. Sometimes I fudge the rules a little bit. But not too much. Marital peace is important to me.

And on another completely unrelated topic: did you know that LBJ was afraid of sleeping alone? If Ladybird wasn't there to keep him safe and sound, he'd have a secret service agent sleep in the room with him. Guess he'd had a heart attack, and was afraid of having another and dying in his sleep. The things you learn when your kid reads a lot. I learn the oddest things when when he says,

"Hey Mom, did you know......?"

Like, did you know it costs $40,000 per hour for Air Force One to operate? Betcha didn't.

How about this? At the start of WWI there were no guns on planes. So after flying reconnaisance and waving when they saw each other, the Brits and the Germans started carrying bricks to drop on each other (they aimed for the engine). Then they graduated to hand guns, with which they shot at each other. Mounted machine guns didn't come until well into the war. Imagine.....bricks. Pretty astounding when you consider how far planes have come in a hundred years in terms of speed, maneuverability and firepower.

Well, time to go prepare dinner so I and the fam can STUFF OUR FACEHOLES! hee hee


Sarcastic Mom (aka Lotus) said...

Stuffing our faceholes is one of my family's favorite things to do. ;-)

I can't wait until Braden is old enough to read and teach me stuff. I'm too busy to learn anything on my own with all the diapers and dishes and blogging. Hehe!

Sue said...

sarcastic mom - how cool that YOU have read MY blog. I have been checking yours out for a few months - VERY FUNNY! I learned about FACEHOLES from you.