Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Star Trek

We are watching season three of Star Trek the Next Generation. I picked that season on purpose. so, that when we get to the end of the season my kids will finally get my "resistance is futile" references.

Yes, the last show of that season introduces the detested Borg. The machine-hive- consciousness-thingee that destroys, or rather subsumes, all life that it contacts. It is a supreme cliff hanger....Locutus.....oh no! not Jean Luc!

I remember back in the day.... when Joe and I would make a honkin' big meal in our tiny apartment at SCU and plop down infront of the TV for The Next Generation. Oh what fun. Though Deanna Troi always annoyed me. She seemed so unnecessary, strictly eye candy. At least the other chics were doctors and soldiers and stuff.

The only problem is that the San Mateo County Library system has only one set of the last few episodes and doesn't allow me (or anyone I suppose) to place a hold on them via computer. You have to actually GO to the Menlo Park library and check them out MANUALLY. Yuck. Who does that anymore?

But I suppose it is worth it.

One thing I am realizing about Star Trek is that is sure makes all religion look ridiculous. An athiest bias is certainly a big part of the show. It bugs me more now than it used to. Oh well. Another thing is that is scares my eight year old daughter a bit. I have to debrief her after each show so she can go to bed happy.

I'll post when we watch the season finale.