Friday, June 29, 2007


I have taken to wearing Ron Paul pins on my shirts and my purse. I should probably get ready to answer questions that the pins might evoke.

Ron Paul Dialogue #1 - with a semi-interested, semi-uninformed, non-aggressive person:

PERSON: Ron Paul? Who's that?

ME: Oh, he's running for president and he actually believes in the Constitution!

PERSON: Hmmm...where's he from?

He's a Republican Congressman from Texas, and he has never voted for any government power or program that wasn't authorized by the Constitution.

Oh.....(doesn't really know what that means)

ME: I like him because he is questioning what is the proper role of government - to take care of everyone from cradle to grave? or to protect individual rights, you know "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness"? That's a big difference.

PERSON: Hmmm....

Plus he voted against the Iraq war from the beginning and wants to get rid of the income tax. I can get behind that!

Dialogue #2 - with staunch Democrat: - IN PROGRESS


Anonymous said...

Always good to have a plan.I have to say I think of Rupaul when I see the name .
thougts from a dislexis

Sue said...

That's funny. Rupaul....I'd forgotten about him/her.

Mike said...

I look forward to the Democrat conversation.

Sue said...

I'm dreading it personally....