Friday, March 16, 2007

My First Blog!


I finally did it. My husband has been bugging, I mean encouraging, me to get a blog for a while. So here I am! I also owe the umph to get me started to an old high school semi-acquaintance whose blog I really love. He also encouraged me to do it. Thanks guys!

So here is a story that gives you a taste my life:


My youngest [All names have been changed to protect the innocent] daughter Marie is 2 1/2. From time to time she plays by herself in front of the house - we live on a cul de sac so it is relatively safe. I stick out my head occasionally to check on her.

"Look Mama!" she holds up her hands, " A nanaslug!"

Now if this had been my first child I would have run screaming out of the house, arms flailing. Antibacterial sprays and bathtubs would have occurred immediately.

For my third? "OK honey! Just don't eat it." I ducked back inside, figuring I'd wash her hands when she came in. Now should we have brocolli or cauliflower with dinner.....?

A bit later, my little sweetie came in and out of the kitchen a few times saying,
"Need to wash my hands."
"OK honey," hmmmm.... need to chop the lettuce.....
After she had been at the sink for a few minutes,
"Need help."

And what to my wondering eyes did appear? Two little hands with stringy slug guts clinging to her fingers. How could I know she would squish the life and guts out of the slug?

But wait, it gets better. I COULDN'T GET IT OFF!

I tried soap. I tried scrubbing. I tried prying the guts off with my fingernails! I had to throw away my sponge because IT became covered with slug slime. I ended up filling up the sink with warm soapy water and letting her play with a brillo pad in it (dinner was awaiting).

After soaking a while, I was able to scour most of the slime off....I think.