Wednesday, April 2, 2014


When he was little and I devoted countless hours of time and effort to creating interesting educational projects, I dreamed of this. When I insisted that yes, he did need to finish his math each day, I dreamed of this. When I took him on field trips to pique his interest or deepen his knowledge, I dreamed of this.

As I sat in the park every Thursday for Homeschool Park Day for all those years, I thought about this. Talking with older, more experienced homeschool moms, I thought about this. As I took workshops and courses on education, I thought about this.

Driving untold hours to fencing practice, I hoped for this. Traveling to umpteen tournaments, sometimes watching him win, but more often watching him lose, I hoped for this. Chauffeuring him to Shakespeare workshops and plays at ungodly hours, I hoped for this. Arranging a French tutor for him for French 3, I hoped for this.

Each time there was a glitch with registration for a course at CSM I ground my teeth. Seeing him procrastinate or turn in half-rate work made me worry for him. When he refused to write, I cried in my room and despaired.

As I spent who knows how many hours in front of my computer planning for his high school, I aspired to this. When I asked, begged and cajoled for him to study for the SAT tests, I aspired to this. Investigating and becoming a semi-expert at high school and college prep requirements, I aspired to this.

When he really began to think for himself, I took heart. When he told me that calculus was "juicy", I took heart. When the final SAT score results came in, I took heart. When he was thriving in the honors program at CSM, I took heart. When I knew he would be just fine no matter what happened with college acceptances, I took heart.

The months between college applications being submitted and hearing back were hard for me. I am an impatient person. And I had worked and dreamed and aspired and waited for this since he was about four years old.

I don't mean to take away from ARG's achievement - not at all. But this is my little celebration for myself. This is me rewarding myself for many years of hard work and dedication.

UC Berkeley
Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
Santa Clara University (merit scholarship)
Whitman University (merit scholarship)


Yeah, baby.


HaynesBE said...

Congrats. To both of you!