Monday, March 24, 2008

Safety Man

My hubby is Safety MAN!

He works hard to ensure the security of his family. He makes certain that no dangerous activities occur.

I appreciate his love and desire to protect. Though, sometimes it can be a bit....stifling.

Safety Man's Rules:
- no beds under or near windows (earthquake might shatter glass, sending shards of crystalline death down upon our progeny). "But honey," I argue, "they are shatter-proof windows!" Uh uh. That's a no go.

- no kids' names or pictures on the internet. Period. OK - he's got a point on that one.

- kids must wear helmets if they come within five feet of a bike, skateboard or scooter. I agree with this one, though sometimes I let my three year old toddle around on her tricycle with out one - don't tell!

- children under 5 not allowed in hot tub / spa / my hot bath: yes, it's true that babies under six months or a year or something can't regulate their body temp very well - but once they're two or so I say they're good to go.

- me not allowed to go door to door canvassing for my main man Ron Paul: as if I would!

I can't remember now all the many times Safety Man has restricted or otherwise quashed my plans due to their dangerosity. But I know there have been lots of them. My friend, anonymous, can attest to that.

But I love him and all his eye protection. Though I'm not a reckless person, and I'm not sure how much protection I need, I am grateful for how much he loves me and kiddos.

Yeah Safety Man!


Anonymous said...

craving cold ice cream
homemade blended tried and true
pistachio nuts


the peer pressure: coding peers think I'm a pure idiot for enjoying "dangerous" hobbies like surfing, snowboarding, skateboarding. Its true.

the kid pressure: if I skateboard without sandals even for a moment, the little one looks at me and dumps her shoes in a heartbeat!

what will we do when they realize how I use powertools?)

- SafetySk8.

Sue said...

Honey, (anonymous didn't fool me!)
You are right, sk8boarding at your age is dangerous! You could crack your head open, or wreck your knee...

Anonymous said...

hey anonymous,
you crave ice cream at 8 am woow